William Lewellyn is #MadeForKnoxville

William is a creator, change maker, and an innovator. In the midst of a global crisis, he decided there was more he could do — even from home. William patented a clear face mask that not only helps others see our face, but also allows us to open our phone using face ID all while filtering out Covid-19.

William owns MTek 3D, a prototyping and product development company specializing in 3D printing and vacuum casting machines. When the pandemic first hit and the mask mandate took effect, we quickly learned just how much face masks came with their own slew of challenges — challenges the MTek 3D Masks seeks to help eradicate by providing more comfort, eliminating the hassle of taking masks on and off to unlock your phone, and not fogging up your glasses to name a few. 


“I’m trying to keep all of the manufacturing here in Knoxville.”

William Lewellyn - Mtek3D mask 3

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