Weldon Wright is #MadeForKnoxville.

Weldon Wright is ready to take the digital marketing industry by storm. His golden standard for effective marketing and visual storytelling requires that inclusivity and diversity be at the forefront of the conversation. With this intentionality, Weldon founded XWORLD MARKETING in 2020 and continues to rise to new heights as his company grows. 

XWORLD MARKETING is a digital marketing company that specializes in storytelling through video and photography. The company has high standards for inclusion, placing importance on maintaining a diverse business team. With experience in production and social media, XWORLD MARKETING is excited to continue toward becoming a leader in the visual marketing industry.

“This company will change lives–by the people in it, for it, and about it.”

In Their Own Words…

XWORLD MARKETING is a company built on a passion for unorthodox thinking and creativity. This company was founded in 2020 with the intent to be great storytellers through the medium of video and photography. We’ve grown into a company that not only has mastered those mediums, but now expresses them via social platforms and production. Weldon Wright is the founder and CEO whose vision is to create a more diverse digital marketing company that heads the south in diversity and inclusion. His dream is further pursued by his love of abundance in resources and in opportunity. He wants to create a creative house that instills his passion for all people. This company will change lives by the people in it, for it, and about it.

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