Travis Howerton is #MadeForKnoxville.

In the world of compliance, there are a lot of rules… actions that must be avoided, paperwork that must be updated, the list goes on. With his company RegScale, Travis works to disrupt the regulation space by making processes more efficient and scalable for clients like the U.S. Navy and Department of Homeland Security. Travis’s main motivation is to create a beautiful user experience that is EASY to use and better for everyone. 

In his early career as an engineer, Travis found himself burdened by piles of paperwork that he realized were stealing hours of productivity from other valuable tasks. So he found business partners in friends who agreed that the compliance industry needed to be disrupted and began testing potential solutions. With his first business venture at C2 Labs and also with RegScale, Travis has created tools to improve the efficiency of work in their field through automation, so humans can do what they do best: make the best decision for their company. RegScale is growing rapidly, allowing Travis and his team to keep disrupting and taking risks, so their clients can have the best product possible. 

“Get comfortable being stupid.”

In Their Own Words…

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