Thitinart Boriboon is #MadeForKnoxville.

Thitinart runs AppeThai with a positive outlook on life and foods that bring joy to her customers.

Sharing Thai food is a way for Thitinart to share herself with friends and family. She finds joy in giving people a taste of the foods that she loves. Since moving to Knoxville, she has found a welcoming community and has made several local fans who love her and her food. Despite the challenges of running a food truck, Thitinart is driven to keep cooking and serving high quality Thai food. In doing so, she makes connections between her new home in Knoxville and her cultural roots in Bangkok. 

“I just love seeing the reactions of people after eating some good food.”

In Their Own Words…

I own and run a Thai food truck called AppeThai. We operate with the value in mind that “We only sell food that we would make for our friends and family”.

What led to entrepreneurship:

I have been passionate about good food since I can remember. After moving to Knoxville, I began cooking my Thai food with friends and family here. And cooking has developed into my passion because I just love seeing the reactions of people after eating some good food. So I decided to go bigger and introduced AppeThai food truck to Knoxville, my new home.

Lessons learned:

One of the most important things I’ve learned is to always keep a positive mindset when dealing with the obstacles of owning a food truck. Everyday is a challenge whether it’s related to the operation of the truck or the kitchen. So, it’s very important to never give up.


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