Tara Dutton is #MadeForKnoxville.

Motivated to make the world a better place, Tara uses her achievements as a lawyer and entrepreneur to benefit others.

As a young woman, she valued education and began dreaming of having her own business someday. She had to work full-time to put herself through school and went on to graduate from law school. After practicing law in the state of South Carolina for several years, she relocated to Tennessee and sought ways to give back to the local community. For Tara, success is not merely meant for personal fulfillment. Through TL Dutton Law Gives, she supports a long list of charitable organizations. She intends to establish the Dutton Foundation to further help nonprofits with a connected database of communication. 


In Their Own Words…

“She earned her Juris Doctor degree in 1995 and was sworn into the Supreme Court of South Carolina later that year. Following her years of practice in South Carolina, she was enrolled as an attorney of the Judicial Department of the Supreme Court of the State of Tennessee and obtained her Tennessee law license in 2016. Ms. Dutton holds a Heartsaver CPR and AED certification from Walters State Community College and in 2019, Ms. Dutton graduated from the Leadership Sever Program. She continues her academic endeavors currently pursuing her Tennessee real estate broker’s license and is working on her next publication.

Within the coming years, Ms. Dutton intends to continue her charitable endeavors and is in the process of establishing the Dutton Foundation, which will currently assist local charities in coordinating their efforts to streamline communication amongst themselves and provide aide more efficiently to those in need in the community via a central command post. Long term goals will replicate systems and communications regionally, nationally, and ultimately globally to avoid duplicating efforts, minimize waste, and create a humanitarian supply chain that maximizes aide to the needy with minimal administrative cost.

Ms. Dutton grew up in a household of little means and has worked full time since the age of 15 to put herself through college and graduate school and developing her businesses. She learned to highly value hard work and education as well as the importance of forging her own path. She gives that philosophy back to fuel her work, leading with appreciation and respect for her clients and immersing herself in elevating those in the community around her” (Marquis Who’s Who).

What led to entrepreneurship:

As long as I can remember, I wanted to have my own business. By my junior year of high school, I recognized this was definitely a possibility as I entertained different professions. While I did change career paths, I endeavored to attain the educational requirements that would achieve that goal.

Lessons learned: Gratitude, appreciation of role models, and patiently embracing the journey!


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