Tara & Charles Griffin are #MadeForKnoxville.

For Tara, Charles, and their son Stefaun, running a candle business is a family affair. The three of them thrive on bringing unique scents to their customers to evoke old memories and create new ones. It only takes a quick glance at their product offerings to discover that the Griffin family cares deeply about the experience of lighting a candle. From the selection of the wooden wick–which creates a relaxing, crackling sound–to the thoughtful names and descriptions of each candle, Southern Timeless Candles is more than a hobby. It is a passion, and they love sharing it.

The Griffin family loves candles and has always had a passion for them. They decided to start making them as a hobby, but it turned into so much more. Pretty soon, the whole family got involved, with their son, Stefaun learning how to make candles as well. Tara and Charles have used their candle making journey to teach valuable life lessons to their son, such as practicing safety around fire and heat and the art and science of making things. Their vision as makers is based on making scents that will create memories or spark old memories. 

“The biggest lesson learned as an entrepreneur is patience. Candle making alone requires a lot of patience but so does being a business owner.”

In Their Own Words…

We decided to start making candles as a hobby, but it turned into so much more. We knew we wanted to take this to the next level when people kept saying “oh that scent reminds me of….” during our testing phases. We knew we couldn’t keep this to ourselves and had to share it with the world. We are constantly coming up with new ideas, new scents and new products because we truly love what we do. In the early days, finding a name that was suitable was tricky. We finally decided on Southern Timeless Candles because we are here in the south, we hope our candles bring back or create timeless memories, and well… of course they are candles, lol. However, now we have expanded into more products but the meaning is still the same. A hidden message behind Southern Timeless Candles is that it stands for our initials. The “S” stands for Stefaun, the “T” stands for Tara, and the “C” stands for Charles. This company is built on true love and genuine care. Our ultimate goal is that our customers get to share the love and care that we create within all of our products! We truly appreciate each and every one of you!


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