Shenedra Matthews is #MadeForKnoxville.

Shenedra is an entrepreneur, photographer, community builder, and mother. Through various pursuits–including being the founder of two magazines and an after-school academy–she seeks to uplift those around her by providing them a spotlight to learn and share who they are with others.

Sea Portraits Magazine LLC and Destined Magazine are both publications founded by Shenedra. She not only uses these media to uplift the voices of other small business owners, but also features these individuals on her YouTube channel, “Let’s Dig Deep.” Seeking to serve and showcase the champions of her community, Shenedra also uses her Roku channel, “Beyond the Cover,” as a storytelling platform to provide an inside look at the lives of entrepreneurs. Shenedra also has a heart for building up the next generation of business owners. She offers business skills and entrepreneurship classes, leadership development, through camps built for underserved youth through Beyond The Cover Academy. 

I’m a woman of faith in God, pushing towards my purpose.

In Their Own Words…

My name is Shenedra Matthews. I’m a mom of two elementary aged entrepreneurs. I’m the proud CEO of Sea Portraits Magazine llc. I take pictures and publish a quarterly magazine called Destined magazine that showcases small businesses. I also have a Roku channel called “BeYond the Cover” that goes beyond the cover and tells the story of the featured business owners in my Destined magazine, along with my YouTube channel “Let’s Dig Deep.” This show focuses on deep issues that people are facing and gives solutions. Last but not least, I host entrepreneurship classes for kids through my Amara kids modeling camp and adults through the “Sea Destined to Be” classes. I’m a woman of faith in God, pushing towards my purpose.

My big pivot moment was back in 2015 when I came to a crossroads and asked God what are the plans that he has for my life. He started me on my faith journey with photography–something I never went to school for. Then, 2 years later he gave me my ministry Sea Destined to Be, where I help others find their gifts and talents and take the leap of faith into Entrepreneurship. That business is now called Beyond The Cover Academy. 

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