Shana Dewitt is #MadeForKnoxville.

Shana Dewitt never saw herself as an entrepreneur.  She became a business owner when she moved to Knoxville, freelancing as a Web Designer and branding for small businesses. Shana soon realized she both loved the freedom of entrepreneurship and the ability to help other businesses owners grow. 

Today, Shana is passionate about business coaching and developing marketing strategies for her clients. 

She helps women create sustainable businesses by placing messaging, strategy and mindset at the center. While Shana finds her own entrepreneurial pursuits rewarding, her real drive is the privilege to be involved in the entrepreneurial journeys of other women. 

“Today, I help women create the foundation they need for a sustainable business focusing on messaging, strategy, and mindset.”

 In Their Own Words..

Entrepreneurship was never something I wanted. I fell into being a business owner as a way to bridge the gap between leaving a job as an art director for a Fortune 100 company and moving to Knoxville. I was selling my art online and working as a freelancer doing Webdesign and branding for small businesses and solopreneurs. Entrepreneurship gave me the freedom to stay home with my baby and care for my family. I also had the opportunity to meet amazing business owners and be a part of their entrepreneurial journey. I loved owning my own business and I never looked back.

As my business grew, I realized it was creating marketing strategies and building relationships with clients that really lit me up. My own skills and knowledge along with what I learned about the personal growth it takes to reach a new level in business became a huge asset to my clients and prompted me to pivot into business coaching.

Today, I help women create the foundation they need for a sustainable business focusing on messaging, strategy, and mindset. This combination not only gives my clients a plan for attracting new clients, but removes the mindset blocks that keep them from taking action and getting the results they want.

We have recently moved back to Knoxville and I would love to be more involved in the community and helping to mentor others.

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