Scottie Baxter is #MadeForKnoxville.

Scottie is a lifelong maker and an avid outdoor enthusiast. In 2013, she discovered the art of hand building and realized she could pull inspiration from those two hobbies she’s most passionate about. 

Her nature-inspired pieces have proven to be popular within hiking communities, and her small business venture led her to discover a community of her own with other Knoxville craft artists.

“I have been a maker most of my life.”

ScottielynnePottery Cup

In Their Own Words..

I have been a maker most of my life. My first venture into the craft show life was doing leather work in the 70s which has influenced my love of carving into leather hard clay. I took a wheel throwing class in 2013, and one week was handbuilding. I fell in love with the ability to incorporate leaf impressions into hand built mugs, platters, etc. I Googled everything I could about hand building.

My most popular item is my hiker mug which has a hand carved mountain range with personalized hiker(s), dogs, etc. which I have shipped all over the US after some of my customers posted their mugs on various hiking sites. I’m now exploring new techniques including increased wheel throwing, slip trailing, carving intricate designs, making matching sets and more that I plan on having ready for my spring line up. 

I came to Mighty Mud two years ago. I decided I needed more room mid 2019 and rented a studio space. I love my Mighty Mud family and the comradery I have found here. I learn so much from belonging to an artist community.

I have a BS in Horticulture and Landscape Design. My hobbies include hiking, gardening and studying nature, especially wild flowers, which I often incorporate into my “nature inspired” pottery. I sell my pottery from my studio, craft shows, and also through my sites above and Space 5 at MightyMud

I have opened an Etsy account, and I am currently working out the details by incorporating what I am learning via the Virtual Etsy Entrepreneur Program through The Maker City. I am looking forward to launching my Etsy site!


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