Origami Day was Founded in Knoxville by Samantha Lane. She has since relocated. 

Samantha Lane is #MadeForKnoxville.

Life is short, and Samantha Lane is determined to make the most of it – but not in the typical “always on” 24/7 culture that people like Steve Jobs made famous. After a life-changing surgery, Samantha Lane made the difficult decision to leave the corporate world behind to find work/life balance and define her own path.

That path would lead to Origami Day, as much an intentional lifestyle as it is a set of productivity tools that have led hundreds of people and businesses since 2017 to greater clarity, more productivity, and the chance to be home for dinner.

“For many of us work is a necessity, but life is the priority. I believe we each have the opportunity to be present in our lives while still being productive, and it begins with shaping our time.”


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