Rick Terry is #MadeForKnoxville.

Rick Terry wants to be your jeweler, and–if you need any convincing–his dedication to the craft is just as quality as his work itself. As he meticulously works on Knoxville’s various jewelry needs, he hopes to be a relic for the intricate craftsmanship that’s–unfortunately–no longer an industry norm.

Locals can take pride in knowing that Rick’s business is as family-oriented as it is Knoxville-native. He and his family have zealously served the community’s jewelry needs for over 30 years now, and they have no plans in slowing down soon.

That’s what I do. I’m good at that. That’s what has disappeared in the jewelry business, and I’m here to bring it back.”

Rick Terry Family Photo 1

In Their Own Words..

We are a Family owned and operated 3 generation jewelry manufacturer. We have currently voted Knoxville’s Best Jewelers, for servicing 400-600 repairs and 30 Custom Designs every month in store. We have 3d Printers, design software, and the manufacturing equipment in-house to create any jewelry we can dream of, unlike most stores that only re-sell items, or contract a jeweler or designer. 

Our entire staff except for Rick Terry himself is under 40 years old. We are passionate about being part of Knoxville’s great culture of Makers, Craftspeople, and Designers. We would love to connect and expand our relationships with other local passionate Creators.


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