Reem Arnouk is #MadeForKnoxville.

Reem is fluent in three languages: Arabic, English and Art. After leaving her home and relocating to Knoxville, she hopes to use the language of art to express her love and passion for life’s little things. 

“Many of us don’t share the same language, but I believe God gave us music and art to communicate across language and cultural barriers.”

Painting by Reem Arnouk

In Their Own Words..

I grew up over the seas in a little town in Syria. I left my country to finish my college degree in English Literature. Little did I know, I ended up in Knoxville studying small business management and taking courses in art that was the start of my art journey. I did a few art shows in college and sold most of my paintings, I assisted my art professor in tutoring for kids. Now I work as an art instructor and sell my art on my social media and website. I enjoy exploring Tennessee and being inspired by the beautiful nature and people around me. 

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