Paris Woodhull is #MadeForKnoxville.

Odds are you’ll recognize Paris Woodhull’s artwork – it’s featured all over Knoxville! 

Paris was born to create, and to share that creativity with others, backed by a fierce determination to reject the “starving artist” model for a life that is fed by artful curiosity, business savvy, and what has now become one of the strongest brands in the region’s art scene. 

Paris brings a youthful, spontaneous energy to whatever she does, and you can’t help but smile when you drive by large pieces, like the 80ft #wallsforwomen mural, titled “Victoria” at Print Shop Beer in South Knoxville, or while searching the shelves at RALA for original prints, t-shirts, and her famous tea towels. 

“If you wholeheartedly feel like being an entrepreneur is what you want to do… go do it.” 

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In Their Own Words…

You can listen to Paris Woodhull’s 2020 interview with KEC here!


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Watch our interview with Paris Woodhull

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