Nicolas Fletcher is #MadeForKnoxville.

Man of My Hustle is more than just a clothing company to founder Nicolas–it’s the embodiment of a lifestyle and the image of a mindset. Nicolas started his brand in order to make ends meet for his family, but it soon represented a win amongst a life’s worth of struggle–of “hustling to get to the top.”

Nicolas focuses on using resources both within the local Knoxville community and within his wider community of others working to win.. Man of My Hustle is a brand that’s breeding a culture of success amongst struggle, right within the Knoxville community. 

 “Silver spoon or getting it out the mud, here at our brand, we want EVERYONE to win.”

Man of My Hustle Clothing Co.

In Their Own Words..

The brand that you are being introduced to was created as a means for extra income in a time of a pandemic.  Even though multiple people and businesses were going through one of the worst possible eras in their lives, some people in America were able to get a glimpse into middle and lower class folks daily lives. Some of us aren’t that far off from understanding job loss, or the inability to make ends meet, or having a way out at all.

Me being a husband and father of five, I’ve had to find many different ways of keeping the lights on and roof over our head, and food coming in…I know many who are just like me. I realized Ive been trying my whole life to find that one or two or three things I could do that would keep me from being a street statistic, to a corporate statistic. This is where the true hustlers of old and new are celebrated by us here at MOMH, WOMH, and HK.  Here we want the world to know that when all else fails, the hustle doesn’t, it’s a means of survival and it’s a means for continuous growth…you got to hustle to get to the top…and keep hustling to stay on top, simple as that. Fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters are depending on it. Silver spoon or getting it out the mud, here at our brand, we want EVERYONE to win.


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