Latasha Miller is #MadeForKnoxville.

Latasha’s beginnings as an esthetician were inspired by a move and a desire to try something new, but they were quickly rocked by an onslaught of hardships. Through it all, she persisted and now serves the Knoxville and Maryville community with skincare and beauty services at her own shop.

In the midst of major life changes–including becoming the full-time caretaker for her grandson–not to mention, the Covid-19 pandemic, Latasha continued pursuing her dream to be a licensed esthetician. Overcoming these challenges and others with unshakeable resolve, she became a licensed esthetician in the state of Tennessee in 2020. Today, she offers lash extensions, facials, and various skin care services at her shop, Simple Pleasures Skin and Beauty Bar.

“I am forever grateful to [those] who took me under her wing and gave me knowledge and skills to last a lifetime.”

In Their Own Words…

I graduated with a psychology degree from Knoxville College in 2000. After that, I moved To Charlotte, North Carolina to pursue my dreams as an HR Representative. Looking for change once I moved to Georgia 9 years later, I decided on being a Licensed Esthetician. I obtained my state license after 6 months of studies with an accredited college in South Carolina in 2017. 

My father was diagnosed with dementia and I was granted legal custody of my grandson the same year I was in school. So within months of starting my new life as an esthetician, I moved back home to TN. Within weeks of moving back to Tennessee in 2017, I broke my ankle and lost all of my family’s personal belongings due to a mishap at one of the local storage units. 7 months later, going through the rest of the process in a city program to try to become licensed in Tennessee, I started going back to South Carolina two days a week to work with a friend in her shop. After going to South Carolina for 11 weeks during the pandemic to complete my training for advanced esthetics, I became a fully TN licensed Esthetician in 2020. The experience was life changing and I am forever grateful to 8AC in Columbia, South Carolina. The owner of the school, Courtney, took me under her wing and gave me knowledge and skills to last a lifetime. Since being granted reciprocity, I have been sharpening my skills at different local beauty salons in the area. 


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