Kiana Jones is #MadeForKnoxville.

At the intersection of art and science, Kiana unearthed a creative passion that turned into an entrepreneurial pursuit.

For some, science and art are like oil and water. As a horticulture lover and maker, Kiana believes the two are inseparable. As the owner of Plush Moon Terrarium Co, she creates miniature worlds for plants, creatively repurposing empty glass vessels and blending fantastical elements with nature. Her beloved hobby turned into a business when she realized just how much people loved what she created. Thanks to the support of her community, Kiana is now building a business that allows her to share her plant knowledge and passion with others. Whether selling at markets or teaching workshops, she equips customers with the information necessary to keep their terrarium plants happy.  

“Firmly believing in the therapeutic potential of art, I sought a means to channel my profound love for plants into the realm of horticultural art.”

In Their Own Words…

Plush Moon Terrarium Co. originated as a personal hobby but has since flourished into a significant endeavor. Firmly believing in the therapeutic potential of art, I sought a means to channel my profound love for plants into the realm of horticultural art, ultimately discovering the captivating craft of terrariums. Subsequently, my dining room underwent a transformation, evolving into a bustling warehouse filled with meticulously crafted terrariums, each exhibiting a higher degree of artistry than its predecessor.

While I delightedly bestowed these creations upon my loved ones, the sheer abundance prompted me to venture into the public sphere. In December 2021, I participated in my first craft market and was astounded by the overwhelmingly positive reception. Since then, I have expanded my repertoire to include an assortment of glass containers, exploring their diverse shapes and sizes to accommodate various plant life. In 2022, I recognized that it was unnecessary to keep all the enjoyment to myself, prompting me to share my passion by organizing workshops. These workshops aim to provide individuals with the opportunity to engage in the serene and gratifying experience of crafting their very own terrariums.

Lessons Learned:

Effective marketing is crucial! At the outset, I harbored apprehensions about acquaintances and loved ones witnessing my efforts. However, I soon grasped the immense influence that their support can have on the development and prosperity of a venture. Consequently, I now acknowledge that my closest supporters are indeed my friends and family!


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