Kelsi Walker is #MadeForKnoxville.

Kelsi is a master at blending human emotions and musical genres to deliver soul-touching pieces and performances. What started as a love for creating music in high school has gradually morphed into something even bigger: a love for community. 

Singing heartfelt lyrics, Kelsi bares her soul in song and gives her audience permission to explore her emotions… and their own.The singer and songwriter pens relatable songs from a place that isn’t afraid to admit her sensitivity to feeling a little unsure of herself in the midst of growth, setbacks, and success. Kelsi has shared her music on local stages at Second Bell Music Festival, Dollyest, and Dogwood Arts Festival, and her tunes can be found on Spotify as well.  

In order to create something that is meaningful to both the artist and others, Kelsi knows that it takes a lot of people power. That’s why she is an avid encourager of her fellow Knoxville creators, with whom she often collaborates and for whom she is a regular cheerleader. In the spring of 2022, she founded the Free Women Waltzing Club to host events like Listening Space, making room for her community’s voices to be heard and for artists to grow. 

“I just want to see community and art explode in this town.”

In Their Own Words…

Watch Kelsi’s video interview from 2020 here!


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