Kelly Taylor is #MadeForKnoxville

Kelly has a longstanding passion for plants. She finds joy in repurposing and arranging plants to make others smile. After being laid off during the outbreak of Covid-19, she felt liberated to grow her side hustle into the business of her dreams. 

Kelly’s business, Plant Rambler, is a Knoxville-based online shop and delivery service with a goal of “making people smile, one plant at a time.” Her dedication to sourcing the best plants, combined with a fresh, eclectic style of operating, has continually grown this hybrid online and mobile business into a beautiful piece of the Knoxville business scene. Kelly’s passion for her art couples perfectly with previous sales experience to help people fill their spaces with some extra life and a lot less stress.

“Plant Rambler is a new concept for the Knoxville community and one that we plan–like the plants we sell–to grow into something beautiful for years to come.”

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In Their Own Words..

Hi. My name is Kelly Taylor, founder of Plant Rambler, an online plant shop & delivery service based in Knoxville, TN. We specialize in indoor plants large and small, delivering unique plants to homes and offices in East Tennessee. I also operate my passion project, the “Plant Bus”, a mobile plant shop inside a converted 1990 Thomas bus used for marketing and pop-ups in the community. 

My entrepreneurial journey started in the Winter/Spring of 2019. As a hobby, I had been arranging a variety of succulent creations and gifting to friends as well as selling them on social media. It was a creative outlet for me, upcycling thrifted coffee mugs, bowls, driftwood, etc. to create something new with succulents and people loved them! At the time, I simply saw it as a fun way to earn a little extra income in order to save for our upcoming wedding. I enjoyed making people smile with what I considered to be my “art”, the art of repurposing and plant arrangements. After our wedding in May, I continued to sell succulents throughout the summer. Yet, the momentum slowed as I became increasingly busy with my full time job as a Director of Sales working for Marriott. While my hobby for plants and desire to one day run my own business was put on the back burner, I would constantly dream up new ideas (usually on my lunch break!) and take inspiration from other successful businesses in other cities that I saw doing the very thing I was passionate about.

It wasn’t until March 2020, that I was forced to pivot. I was laid off from my job as a result of Covid-19 and it felt crushing, yet liberating at the same time. I was given the opportunity to start something new and had nothing to lose! I could now focus 100% of my time & energy on a startup. So, I cracked open a bottle of wine and my old notepad. I revisited the pages and pages of plant business ideas and multiple Pinterest inspiration boards created. I knew I wanted to operate a mobile business and had previously thought up the name “Plant Rambler”. When I read it again in my notes, it just stuck. Combined with my eclectic, vintage-loving soul, I knew at that moment it would be the perfect name for a mobile plant shop to showcase my passion and art. This time around, it was no longer just a hobby. It was going to be my new full-time project. I took it up a notch, registering the business with the state, tracking down suppliers and making a plan for local delivery. I even taught myself to design my own logo and build a website. I recall the day I announced my website and orders started coming in, it gave me such a huge sense of accomplishment. 

This business did not come overnight and without failures. Along this journey I have had to learn a completely new industry. I’ve had to learn a TON about the plants I sell and how to care for them. I’ve had to constantly keep up with the trends of a houseplant industry that has seen huge demands during the pandemic. I’d say my biggest advice is to give yourself and your business room to grow and adapt. Having a solid sales and marketing plan is also something I credit to years of corporate sales experience to give me the confidence and knowledge to make my own unique plan. Plant Rambler is a new concept for the Knoxville community and one which we plan–like the plants we sell–to grow into something beautiful for years to come.


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