Justin Thomas is #MadeForKnoxville.

Justin is no stranger to hustling: he’s been doing it since 2010. But all of his hard work started paying off when he found himself as a successful entrepreneur before he even reached the age of 24.

He began creating and managing marketing campaigns while still in college, and after reading “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss in 2012, he found the motivation he needed to kickstart his career. Since then, he has lived in five different countries, started and tested over 20 business ventures and has managed various nonprofit organizations and mission-based businesses.

Justin’s current business venture is Thrive Lot, a company dedicated to providing its clients with edible landscaping. Thrive Lot allows for a more sustainable way to grow food without harsh chemical input, soil erosion, landscape degradation or the use of unnatural methods. 

“By changing landscapes, we change lives.”

In Their Own Words..

I Started creating and managing marketing campaigns and operational systems in 2010 while pursuing an undergraduate degree in communications. After I read The Four Hour Workweek in 2012, I started a passive income, niche e-commerce business within 2 weeks of being inspired by Tim Ferriss. I later built a system as an independent equipment sales contractor and became the 4th best performing sales rep in an $8 billion company. I sold 100% of quota for 2015 in the first six months and moved to Spain to experiment with a nomadic lifestyle. This inspired me to turn down a $250,000+ promotion at age 24 and instead quit (with 6 months notice) to travel, learn and pursue passion projects. I also crowdfunded a 6-month mini retirement RV road trip for a honeymoon by producing a detailed e-commerce experience for wedding guests that engaged and delighted them throughout the trip.

I later acquired and trained a team of 8 contractors to write 400,000+ words of content production per month with only one hour of management time per week. I’ve built sales pipelines and digital product funnels for YouTubers that turned them into profitable info businesses, hacked content production and drove network-effect sales for clients using a podcast-first approach with efficient waterfall content production starting with voice, and started and tested over 20 business ventures, accumulating lifetimes of lessons rapidly through iteration, failure, and success. I have also been fortunate enough to build an entire cross-departmental growth experimentation and optimization system for a 50-person B Corp startup as well as advise nonprofits and various mission-driven businesses.

I have now lived and learned on five continents as a digital nomad. I now travel nearly a quarter of the year to spend more time in a focused routine. I am happy to currently be disrupting whole food production and distribution by enabling homeowners to grow food sustainably by working with local agro-ecologists with Thrive Lot.


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