Joseph Woods is #MadeForKnoxville.

A childhood love for comic books birthed a knack for crafting stories and designs that move people.

As a kid, Joseph spent hours pouring over his uncle’s comic books. This youthful love for words and pictures soon developed into a lifestyle. Joseph aka “Black Atticus” now practices a variety of art forms, constantly experimenting and allowing the two elements to interact in the stories that he tells. He’s a spoken word artist, musician and member of the Good Guy Collective, and the founder of Park City Printing & Graphic Design. 

Moved by the power and connectedness of artistic expression, Joseph remains curious in his creative process. Whether he’s delivering poetry, music, or visual art, he wants to know if people can find common ground, as they share in the experience of receiving art and relating it to their own lives. 

“If we’re laughing, we need to laugh powerfully. If we’re thinking, we need to think deeply. I’m always chasing that moment” 

In Their Own Words…

Creativity first showed up for me in my life through illustration, drawing, and visual art. I was obsessed with comic books from a young age. One of my uncles had a huge box of comic books; when he saw that I was interested in it, he just gave it to me. These books were at least 15-20 years older than me, and the writing was so dense and very novella. That got me obsessed with words–I wanted to understand the balance between the word choice and how the story would unfold. I was interested in the balance and collaboration between the inker and the penciler, and I became obsessed with wanting to know how to do it for myself. That naturally got me into storytelling, both visually and through writing. 


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