John Baker is #MadeForKnoxville

John is much more than just a recording studio owner. At The Arbor Studio, he helps artists tap into their flow without fear of failure or judgement. The Arbor Studio is a custom-built two-story recording space he created in the woods, just 4 miles outside of downtown in South Knoxville. The purpose? To provide a positive, comfortable, and “safe” space where artists of all walks of life can come to try out ideas. 
John’s 30+ year love for recording started in 9th grade when he first learned to play guitar. He and his mom would use a cassette player to record radio plays. Ever since he has continued to use whatever he had in his home — whether it was a spare corner, attic, or one car garage to make great music and help others do the same. In 2014, John broke ground on The Arbor Studio, which has now become a hot spot for local artists looking for a comfortable space to finish their projects and come back to time and time again.
“When you find something you love doing, it doesn’t feel like work.”
john baker in his studio

Photo by George Middlebrooks


In Their Own Words..

I’ve been recording music for over 30 years. Up until 6 years ago it was an avocational interest. 6 years ago I built The Arbor Studio and began recording other bands and artists. I’m very pleased at the success it has become. 
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Arbor Studio

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