Jessica Bookstaff Doppelt is #MadeForKnoxville.

For Jessica, the core of everything–from her life to her business–lies in hospitality. Growing up with a family active in the tourism-scape of Gatlinburg, hospitality became less of an industry and more of a way of life for the budding entrepreneur. 

Before she had even graduated from the University of Tennessee, Jessica began molding her own path in the tourism industry with the purchase of her first domain, Today, she has a plethora of tourism domains within her portfolio. Even though she’s managed to make a career out of tourism and hospitality, her business pursuits are about far more than turning a profit. To Jessica, moments and memories matter, and she hopes that her work can help build those for visitors passing through. 

“I believe a business relationship rooted in hospitality is essential. That, for me, is where success and joy are found.”


In Their Own Words..

As a Gatlinburg native, I grew up in the hospitality industry. My maternal grandparents built and operated attractions in Gatlinburg and my dad was a restaurateur and entrepreneur involved in various lodging properties and attractions. I grew up working and living in that environment. 

After graduating high school, I attended the University of Tennessee in the honors program and purchased my first domain,, my senior year. The business plan for was my senior thesis! Then in 2006, I added to my portfolio. Along the way, I have picked up and developed other tourism domains as well. 

Hospitality is at the core of what I do whether that is the content we create for the site, our emails and social media posts, or interacting with visitors in town. If I see someone (usually a mom!) taking a photo of their family, I always stop and offer to take that photo for them so they can be in the picture too. I know in that instance, I am creating a cherished memory for their family (and if I take that photo right, maybe it will be their Christmas card). I want them to know that I genuinely want them in my town. I want to share with them what I feel when I am in the mountains. 

I extend the same hospitality to my advertisers. I created and when I partner with a new advertiser, I am welcoming them into my world. I am naturally inquisitive so I want to know everything about their business; the why behind it. I want to share with them the excitement and passion I have for my business because I know that they feel the same about their business. I want to be part of that! I believe a business relationship rooted in hospitality is essential. That, for me, is where success and joy are found.

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