Jessee Black is #MadeForKnoxville.

They’re ushering in the age of augmented reality with marketing and products that actually engage with you. Jessee envisions a more dynamic way for businesses and their customers to interact. He plans to help them create the future. 

Jessee started an augmented reality production studio, a team of artists, software engineers and marketers. While heading the marketing side of things, he works to elevate Knoxville businesses by helping them craft lifelike experiences for their customers. Each person on the LDP team plays a part in making their clients’ brand and vision come to life. LDP Studio knows that incorporating augmented reality in one’s business leads to improved engagement and sales, and they are on a mission to share the message with everyone.   

In the past year, LDP Studio created the world’s first “Name Image and Likeness in Augmented Reality” (NILAR). They teamed up with Bridge Management Group (sports agency), Craven Wings, and Jacob Warren to create this unique AR experience. In addition, they created AR Hero, which encompasses the company’s endeavors in the augmented reality side of future tech. LDP Studio has focused their work on “Enhancing Imaginations for ALL” through AR Hero, as well as future tech developments which will be released throughout 2023. 

Working in AR, everyday is a WOW day.”

In Their Own Words…

I started Black Iris Branding in February of 2020. Black Iris Branding is a marketing and business consulting company based out of Maryville. In September, I happened upon Brant Hindman. He is an artist working in augmented reality. We teamed up and formed LDP Studio. We had a soft launch of our company in February 2021. We provide customized augmented reality experiences for businesses. We do this through QR codes to connect users to augmented reality experiences. 

Knoxville is full of inspiration. We hope to be the next avenue for others to be inspired. Working in AR, everyday is a WOW day. Our goal is to bring a WOW factor to Knoxville and beyond like never seen before


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