Jennie Andrews is #MadeForKnoxville.

Jennie developed a true passion for storytelling in her 10+ year career as an award-winning wedding photographer. Now, she uses that same passion and the many skills gained along the way to create effective branded images for a wide array of clients, both commercial and editorial.

Early on in her career, Jennie made a commitment to prioritize creativity in her everyday life. Her role as photographer of milestones and everyday moments allowed her to capture everything from a couples’ love story on their wedding day to small town business and tourism. Following her career as a wedding photographer, she worked as a Digital Producer at Discovery, and now focuses on commercial photography. Jennie continues to offer her artistic prowess and creative leadership both to her clients and to other small business owners, so they can have the tools they need to communicate their brand. 

“When you are surrounded by people who are inspirational–who are making it and doing it–you naturally have more confidence in doing it yourself.” 

In Their Own Words…

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