Jenn Borovy is #MadeForKnoxville.

After years spent caring for underserved communities, Jenn has pivoted to care for their caretakers.

As a former teacher, Jenn knows the needs of educators first hand. In addition to the years she spent educating in the classroom, she invested a great deal of energy providing support for her students and their families. Knowing this takes a toll on teachers and other community support roles, Jenn decided to create Ten10Coaching. She now works closely with those who are experiencing secondary trauma and helps them continue doing what they love in an emotionally healthy way. 

“Ten10Coaching was formed with the intention of supporting individuals who are caring for others with trauma.”

In Their Own Words…

I am a coach, mentor, and speaker who provides training and support around the topics of Secondary Traumatic Stress, Healthy Sustainable Life Rhythms, Empathy with Boundaries, and Trauma Informed Care. Prior to launching and founding Ten10Coaching, I worked for eleven years for Knox County Schools where I was first a classroom teacher and then an Instructional Behavior Coach. All 11 of those years were spent supporting, advocating, and loving the families in the most underserved communities of Knoxville. Once resigning from public education, Ten10Coaching was formed with the intention of supporting individuals who are caring for others with trauma such as medical professionals, educators, social workers, the nonprofit sector, first responders and beyond. The big pivot came for me when I realized there was a serious need for educators to have the support they need outside of the classroom, so they can remain in their classrooms, before they become burnt-out.

The biggest lesson I have learned about entrepreneurship so far is that you have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and with failing. The biggest moments of growth and opportunity come when we are courageous and vulnerable enough to try and try again. 

In my personal life, I spend time with my husband of 13 years and our three sons who are nine, eight, and five. I also spend a large portion of my time serving and volunteering with organizations who partner with foster families and kids on removal day, shuffling our sons from one event to another, reading, and squeezing in any time I can exploring new places.


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