J.Bu$h is #MadeForKnoxville.

For J.Bu$h, music and creating have always been at the forefront of his life. Ever since middle school, he’s been making and recording music; as he has grown, music has become a creative outlet to express his hopes for what he will become and what society could be. 

In his journey both as an artist and a person, J.Bu$h seeks to choose growth over comfort. He fearlessly asks for feedback from his community of listeners, and has learned to keep creating, even when the feedback he receives isn’t what he was hoping to hear. Utilizing the voices of others and a healthy dose of self-reflection, J.Bu$h has tuned out the distractions to settle into his own purpose: staying true to his love for hip-hop while focusing on meaningful messaging. Knoxville has been the backdrop of his career, providing him with a place to create and produce music, provide graphic design services, and even start a product line of beard oils, all while supporting other artists and building community. In 2013, J.Bu$h went from creating solo to forming The Good Guy Collective, a group of like-minded artists creating together and promoting community and collaboration through hip-hop culture. J.Bu$h continues to make music on his own as well, releasing his album, Peach Fuzz, in 2022. 

“It’s not the critique or the praise, but it’s about following through and having faith itself.”

In Their Own Words…

Watch J.Bu$h’s video interview from 2020 here, and find his music on Spotify and iTunes


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