Eugenia Almeida is #MadeForKnoxville.

Eugenia Almeida sparks joy. You can feel it when you’re around her, and you can hear it in her voice when she speaks about what it means to build a successful business, life, and community around her craft. 

Born and raised in Argentina, Eugenia came to the United States over thirty years ago while her husband was at the University of Tennessee, and she would go on to raise five children right here in Knoxville. Her joy, and her passion for building a “better tomorrow” have always stayed with her, and would eventually lead to founding her own company in 2014 – A New Hue. 

A New Hue has applied faux finishes, concrete overlays, original stencils and more to some of the most amazing homes in Knoxville, and some of the buildings you may recognize (such as the Knoxville Chamber in Market Square). Headquartered in North Knoxville, Eugenia has taken classes all over the world to bring new techniques to her clients, and also to the people that work with her, and to the community she has come to serve.

“As long as you keep moving and working, and looking for a better tomorrow, you’ll make it.”

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