Dr. Angelique Adams is #MadeForKnoxville

She spent 25 years building her career as an engineer and executive. Now, she is equipping talented problem solvers to make a greater impact on our world.

On a work trip to Brazil, Angelique had a conversation that led to a life-changing realization. After encouraging a young professional and recognizing her innate ability to inspire, she began to imagine a new career path in coaching. As of 2023, she has written a bestselling book on being a minority woman in STEM and launched a career specializing in “the instillation of hope.” Through Angelique Adams Media Solutions, LLC, she coaches Ph.D. scientists and engineers on communication and leadership strategies that elevate their teams, projects, and careers. 

“I discovered my true passion is developing people, not products.”

Women in Stem Book 1


In Their Own Words…

I am CEO of Angelique Adams Media Solutions, LLC a leadership training and coaching consultancy for Ph.D. scientists and engineers.

Organizations with highly technical teams like Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee hire me to level up the leadership skills and business acumen of their expert scientists and engineers so they can lead the transformation from idea to impact. I do that through training, speaking, and coaching services. 

I help Ph.D. scientists and engineers transform into impactful leaders because I believe they will solve the grand challenges of our lifetime. The world needs experts who understand how the world really works, to be among the decision-makers. 

I’m on a mission to make that happen.

What led to entrepreneurship: 

My pivot moment came when I had two important realizations at about the same time.

After managing multimillion-dollar innovation portfolios and leading hundreds of scientists and engineers worldwide as a corporate executive, I discovered my true passion is developing people, not products. 

At about the same time, I wrote my first book, You’re More than a Diversity Hire: Women in STEM, a career guide for women in the technical fields. What I thought would be just a “bucket list” item turned into an Amazon #1 bestseller. That was when I had the realization that I might be able to sell my knowledge and expertise. 

A deep “why” and a minimum viable product were enough for me to take the plunge!

Lessons Learned:

Be coachable!

Seek and accept help for your entrepreneurial journey. Whether that help comes in the form of community resources like KEC, mentors who are willing to share their knowledge, or coaches and consultants you hire for their expertise, do not, under any circumstances, spend time alone being socially isolated or stuck on what to do next. 

That is a waste of the gifts you have to bring to the world!

In my case, I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by community resources and mentors, but I was slow to hire a consultant to help me. I wish I’d done it sooner because my revenue growth skyrocketed after I started working with my sales coach.


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