Debbie Meritsky is #MadeForKnoxville

Debbie and her co-founder, Marc, have an eye for the intrinsic value hidden throughout the world. That wine bottle you just tossed out? To them, that’s the inspiration and key element behind their next stained glass composition. 

Repurposing allows the pair to create unconventional and accessible art, but it also helps them keep these items out of landfills. 

Just as their eye for the intrinsic allows them to see the beauty in discarded objects, it led them to see the glimmer and shine of Knoxville. After relocating their studio to the Scruffy City, they’re eager to use their eye to continue their purposeful repurposing.

“Creating interesting, one of a kind work that is accessible to everyone, and hopefully becomes a conversation piece in your home or as a gift is what drives us to continue to do our work at Master Repurposers.”

HandMaDeDesigns 1

In Their Own Words..

Hello Knoxville! We’re so excited to be here! After an amazing journey as Caterers, innkeepers and tourism consultants, We’re now in the midst of recreating a whole new life and we’re busy setting up our HandMaDe art studio utilizing repurposed materials.  

Marc and Deb have been creating their art for over 20 years, consisting of original one of a kind stained glass works, distinctive & uniquely crafted jewelry and a wide variety of mixed media and hand crafted furniture pieces.  

We’re in the midst of searching for galleries to partner with and we’re also excited to begin offering personalized HandMaDeDesign classes sometime after the first of the year.  

Can’t wait to start getting involved with the regions Makers to create extraordinary partnerships for locals and tourists alike.


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