Dave Castley is #MadeForKnoxville.

With a fleet of low-speed electric vehicles, Dave plans to revolutionize inner-city transportation.

Being a transplant from Philly, Dave is no stranger to the shortcomings of big-city commuting. Through his cleantech company, RAEV Mobility, he is on a mission to make commuting more efficient and affordable. RAEV is a pay-per-drive service that was born out of Dave’s desire to improve the uneconomical inefficiencies of rideshare services and public transportation. With the RAEV app, commuters reserve a low-speed electric vehicle, drive where they need to go, then park it at a charging station for the next person to use. Dave believes this method of eliminating the unnecessary costs and wait times of traditional transportation will not only provide a better user experience–it will have a significant impact on the environment, reducing carbon emissions in cities by 85%. 

Dave’s idea has caught the attention of tech industry leaders and potential investors alike. Shortly after turning his brainchild into a full-time pursuit in 2022, he participated in the inaugural CleanTech Accelerator at UT’s Spark Innovation Center. Now, he’s been selected for the second class of Techstars “Industries of the Future” Accelerator. Dave plans to target densely populated cities with RAEV services, but also hopes to pilot test the concept in the East Tennessee region.

“RAEV is revolutionizing inner-city transportation.”

In Their Own Words…

 Watch Dave Castley’s interview at Spark Innovation Center here.


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