Courtney Lozano is #MadeForKnoxville.

As a tea lover and earth enthusiast, Courtney dreamt of bringing a new teahouse to Knoxville. In 2018, she turned her dreams into a reality. 

With an educational background in holistic nutrition and herbalism, Courtney knows the healing power of herbs. Her book learnings have been strengthened by personal experience, as she herself practices living an “earth-centered life.” As the founder of Soothsayer Teahouse & Apothecary, Courtney believes it is important to help people discover the healing qualities of nature’s resources. That’s why she uses her presence–online and at markets–to provide helpful information about the ingredients in her loose-leaf teas and wellness products. Through her dream job, she is reminding everyone around her that the time-tested remedies of herbal medicine still work. 

“Then it hit me – I could make my own dream come true!”

In Their Own Words…

I make loose leaf tea blends, sober-friendly herbal wellness products, and gluten free treats with a focus on health. I want people to experience the quality difference of loose leaf versus bagged teas, and the simplicity and joy of incorporating herbs into everyday life.

I got the idea for Soothsayer while driving home from vacation in Asheville, NC. There’s a teahouse there that I love to visit, and I drove away sadly, thinking “I wish someone would open up a teahouse in Knoxville”. Then it hit me – I could make my own dream come true!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about entrepreneurship is that we ALL struggle with imposter syndrome, doubt, and fear of failure. It’s comforting to know that my journey may be unique, but my experiences aren’t.


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