Cheyenne Allen is #MadeForKnoxville.

Through her work as a kids’ physical therapist, Cheyenne gets the daily fulfillment of seeing children succeed. 

When Cheyenne was hired to create a pediatric physical therapy program, she found herself feeling frustrated and limited in her role. She soon realized her dreams were best suited for entrepreneurship and began seeking help from local groups. Since then, the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center has played a crucial role in Cheyenne’s growth as a business owner, connecting her to resources and community. 

Today, Cheyenne partners with caregivers of babies, toddlers, and disabled children to create developmental plans that work for them. She empowers parents to support their kids’ physical development with in-home care and therapy, creating customized and attainable goals for each child. As a mom and business owner, Cheyenne understands the value of opening up new opportunities for kids as they grow. She is rewarded with the joy of seeing her clients overcome obstacles and access a thriving future. 

“I have learned that mom life and business CAN blur when needed, but boundaries are essential.”

In Their Own Words…

I am a physical therapist for babies and toddlers with an additional love for all ages of disabled children learning their first milestones like rolling and sitting.

I don’t just show up to your house, work for you, then leave. My goal is to teach the caregiver how to help them reach their goals through exercise, education, and encouragement. I love coming into the home and teaching how you help your child using everyday things you already have and building exercise routines into daily life.

Watching parents’ confidence increase, seeing babies successfully eat after a massage session, cheering as toddlers take their first steps, and changing the life projections of disabled children: It’s all a part of physical therapy care, and I love doing it every day.

What led to entrepreneurship: 

In March of 2020, my husband and I both lost our jobs to a fire in the medical building we worked in. After months of looking, I took a job building a PT program for a local pediatric business. A year into it, I still wasn’t being listened to and was constantly undermined, micromanaged, and ignored. After listening to me complain every day, my husband said, “just make your own.” I didn’t know anyone who owned a business but knew there had to be help somewhere. This was when I found KEC and Co.starters. 

Lessons learned: 

As an entrepreneur, I have had to learn quickly how to set boundaries surrounding my business and my home life. Letting my business creep into my children’s bedtime routine was not okay. Surrounding myself with like minded women at WIE and now at Aught, I have learned that mom life and business CAN blur when needed, but boundaries are essential.


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