Cherie Larson is #MadeForKnoxville.


A graduate of Northern Illinois University, Cherie Larson is a CPA in both Illinois and Tennessee. She has lived and worked in Knoxville for over 30 years now, as the owner and manager of Larson SMB Consulting PLLC. Here, she helps small business owners reach their financial goals through consulting.


Larson SMB Consulting is dedicated to helping small business owners understand their finances in order to grow. The firm serves as a resource to balance accounts, make financial decisions and more. Cherie’s goal is to help her clients attain the resources they need to grow their businesses to the next level in order to reach their full potential. Whether a client is using their services or learning on their blog, Cherie and her team are sure to help take some of the stress out of small business ownership.


Our firm provides the partner you need to manage the sometimes overwhelming array of financial decisions facing a small business owner.

In Their Own Words..

My passion is helping small business owners understand their finances and taking that understanding to help them grow. My firm is a resource for them to get their books in order and then help them make financial decisions that aid their growth. We focus especially on managing cash flow and saving for future needs.


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