Brent Gallo is #MadeForKnoxville.

Brent’s journey with cybersecurity began when he was serving as a young Digital Network Exploitation Analyst in the U.S. Air Force — he quickly learned the grave importance of and the immense skill involved in the cyber field. 

After realizing his desire to make a wider impact on others’ lives, he created Hire A Cyber Pro. Brent knew he had to bring his cyber skills to smaller businesses to help them solve their security problems. Today, his services are directly designed with small to medium businesses in mind. Grant loves a good challenge, has immense cyber skills and is ready to start securing Knoxville’s businesses.

“My father is a small business owner who often asked me about cyber security solutions. His needs, like many other small to medium businesses, drove me to develop services that would help businesses reduce risk within their environments, increase their security, and decrease the chance of a cyber-attack from ever happening again. I believe that small and medium businesses deserve the same cybersecurity guidance and technologies as large enterprises and I am here to fill that need.”

In Their Own Words..

To learn about my history and why I started Hire A Cyber Pro see here My journey so far has been good overall. The biggest lesson I have learned and found true, which I did read in a book, is to just start. Things take time and I don’t need a perfect product right now. Building relationships is the most important thing. I have met some great people in Knoxville, made connections with the Maryville Chamber of Commerce, and I am making introduction meetings with some local businesses. So my current goal is to really try to work on making new connections and business relationships. I am excited about what the future may hold and am positive that in time I will be successful.


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