Beth Noelle is #MadeForKnoxville.

By helping singers connect to their truth, Beth is unleashing a wellspring of empowered voices.

Seeking a revolutionary way to express herself, Beth started out on her own journey to use her voice in its truest form. She had been singing for years, but became a coach in 1989 and soon discovered there was a disconnect in the way she and others had been engaging with their voices. So she created the PATH Personhood Pillars–Power, Acceptance, Truth and Heart–to help herself and her students develop a healthier relationship with their voices. Now, she has created LUNA Women’s Chorus, a convergence of female vocalists who are expressing themselves to the fullest. 

“When we reconcile with our Authentic Voices and reclaim our birthright to be unabashedly expressive [it] is breathtakingly beautiful.”

In Their Own Words…

Hi! I’m a Voice Activation Coach, creator/facilitator of PATH of Authentic Voice — a multi-faceted, holistic approach to personal empowerment through singing — and Director of LUNA Women’s Chorus — an innovative and metamorphic ensemble of Women who Soulfully Sing because they MUST!

Back in the early days of my singing career, over thirty years ago now, I was very insecure and unhappy when I would sing. When I started teaching singing in 1989, the people I worked with also expressed dissatisfaction expressing themselves, sensing that there was something more possible. Over time, I discovered that when people are estranged from their Voices, it is invariably related to a disconnect with Power, Acceptance, Truth and/or Heart, what I call the PATH Personhood Pillars. When people are in right relationship and alignment with these essential Pillars of Vocal Expression, their Authentic Voices ACTIVATE, giving rise to expression that is pure of heart, fiercely true and radiantly alive!

Why do I ‘Walk the PATH’? myself, and with others? What I witness in others and experience myself, when we reconcile with our Authentic Voices and reclaim our birthright to be unabashedly expressive is breathtakingly beautiful. To see others liberated and lit up, shining radiantly, in partnership with their Voices… Holy Wow! It’s my mission and I am dedicated to that process of blooming.

What Led to Entrepreneurship:

When I started teaching, I was very much an ‘old-school’ singing teacher. That only got me, and the people I worked with, so far.

As I talked with people about the ways in which they wanted to grow with their voices, their aspirations and dreams, they started telling me their stories and PATH of Authentic Voice emerged. Once that happened, it was clear to me that I was stepping into something innovative and unique, and can say that I did begin thinking of myself as an entrepreneur — as someone who “organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture”.

What was only, initially, a job related to a particular skill set I had, became something that I’m soulfully passionate about — specific values I stand for and show up for are crystal clear to me now. Now, not just a business, but a Soul PATH that I’m lovingly committed to, as a Voice Activation Coach!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is the absolute importance of showing up with what I’ve got inside of me, that’s uniquely me! It’s not about recycling what other people are doing, thinking that they’ve got something ‘better’ than me, or that my PATH, and the steps I take, should resemble what I see other people doing. There’s only one me and it’s *that* me that I believe inspires and uplifts the people I serve. It takes courage to do so, but that inside/out approach is what has made it possible for me to stay energized and able to persevere through the inevitable challenges that arise as proprietor of my work, and cause for celebration when my PATH Partners and I are thriving!


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