Bailey Earith is #MadeForKnoxville.

Using a collection of curated materials and found objects, Bailey Earith creates one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces. Each work of art–imbued with peace and positivity–is a contribution to making the world a better place.

As a creative entrepreneur, Bailey places a high value on having freedom to design her life exactly as she wants it to be. From her workspace to her thoughtfully selected materials, she has crafted a sense of peace in the very fibers of her creative process. While she is personally fulfilled from making handmade works of art, her true passion lies in her power to spark inspiration and positive change in others. Bailey considers her role as an artist to be as much about creating beauty as it is about removing negative energy from the atmosphere. Whether teaching or creating for herself, she works to encourage others and make the world a better place through art. 

“I am committed to bringing peace to the world through art.”

In Their Own Words…

I enjoy creating contemporary fabric art that has visual and/or actual textural elements. These elements often include beads, vintage buttons, feathers, hand-painted and manipulated fabric, yarns, and found objects. My art is eco-friendly. I create with recycled and repurposed items as much as possible. I love the play of textures and colors found in nature. I am influenced by African, Asian, & Tibetan cultures. 

I am committed to bringing peace to the world through art. The world is full of turmoil, anger, and strife. These negative energies are very draining and destructive. It is my mission to combat these negative forces with positive energy. Each of my works is created in a peace-filled, uplifting, positive, joyful environment. This inspiring energy becomes infused into the art piece. Those who view the finished art, experience a sense of joy and serenity. They then carry that positive energy out into the world where it is multiplied.

I have exhibited across the country and have work in collections around the world. 

As an Artist-in-Residence, I teach children how to create art. Using my Occupational Therapy skills, I specialize in teaching academics through art to children with disabilities. I believe in helping everyone reach his or her creative potential regardless of age or skill level. I have been published extensively in magazines and books for my innovative work in the studio and as an artist-in-residence. I am proud to be a Borderless Arts and TAC artist roster member and am associated with the Knoxville Arts & Culture Alliance.

Why Entrepreneurship?

I enjoy the freedom and empowerment of forging my own path and controlling my own destiny. I do not want to put my success in the hands of others. I have a clear vision for my life and my work and want the autonomy to do things my way.

Lessons Learned:

Success comes from doing things (marketing, sales, etc) in ways that feel genuine to me. Following someone else’s playbook doesn’t work.


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