Amy Tamsen is #MadeForKnoxville.

With contagious joy and delicious treats, Amy brings the party to the kitchen!

As a former educator and natural born entertainer, Amy approaches life with a playful spirit. She loves to bring smiles to others through her presence and her food. Whether engaging with customers at markets or providing baked goods for a party hostess, she knows how to turn anyone into a friend. Amy is a member of the Real Good Kitchen, where she has found a community of like minded entrepreneurs with whom she can grow, create, and most importantly, play. 

“I transitioned from “playing” in the classroom to “playing” in the Kitchen.”

In Their Own Words…

HI! I am Amy Tamsen, Baker and Owner of AMY TREATS Sweet and Savory Bakes here in Knoxville. Growing up in Milwaukee, surrounded by artists and foodies, I shared my love of cooking and baking with any audience I could find! (Yes… even my dentist!) Entertaining is second nature to me, and it made sense to join “social-fun” and “food-fun” to create and build relationships through shared experiences. It is such a satisfying feeling to know that my energy and skills can bring happy hearts and full bellies to all kinds of friends!

What led to entrepreneurship:

Having been an Educator in early childhood for a million years, teaching Teachers how to support development of our youngest humans, PLAY is a fundamental way that children learn about their worlds…CREATE their world. In retirement from official teaching, I transitioned from “playing” in the classroom to “playing” in the Kitchen. #RealGoodKitchen. How cool is it that my “job” is to CREATE and PLAY!!!???? Sweet and Savory Treats…

Lessons learned:

LIFE is full of mistakes… it is HOW we respond to them that matters…Create! Play! Grow! and DO IT AGAIN!


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