Amanda Painter is #MadeForKnoxville.

She’s a small business consultant and the author of The Team Solution Series: HR Coaching to Grow Teams and Profit. Not only did she just release the 4th book of the series on her 40th birthday (boss move), she and her co-author wrote the whole series in 6 months! If you’re a small business or startup, Amanda can help you find your way.

Ever since Amanda was in college, she has worked in the small business environment. As CFO/HR for a small publishing company, she went through a company restructuring and no longer felt aligned with the vision of the business. So, she got curious… “Why not my vision for a company?” she thought. Soon after, Amanda and a like-minded colleague put their heads together and launched Joy of Pursuit to follow a shared vision.

The Team Solution Series guides small businesses through the employee journey—from creating a job description to an employee’s last day. Through their books,  Amanda and her business partner, Brenda, seek to provide small businesses with simplified processes to implement efficient HR practices. 

“I help clear the clutter, cut the stress, and create simplified systems that save time, energy, and resources.”

In Their Own Words…

I have learned that you must have a plan and stay accountable to it. Focus and consistency are the keys to success. Chasing new ideas and constantly exploring new opportunities will leave you only chasing shiny objects, but never obtaining growth or success.

In the current situation of The Great Resignation, employee retention and creating a healthy workplace culture are vital components to businesses. I am passionate about working with company leaders on how to do this for their companies and to create a culture of worth in the workplace. 

Often entrepreneurs are so focused on their vision, that they don’t take the time to slow down and integrate processes into their business. But without processes, there is chaos. I love creating structure and systems for entrepreneurs that will allow them to scale their business faster and more efficiently.

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