Amanda Fox is #MadeForKnoxville.

Amanda is a creator through and through. She is a copywriter who uses skills and experience she developed from careers in psychology, social media, outreach, music, and event coordination, to help other businesses and entrepreneurs effectively communicate their vision. She aims to increase leads, make connections, and broaden the audience for business owners and entrepreneurs so they can focus on their true purpose.
Amanda’s talents reach beyond a means to provide for herself–they are a way for her to give back to and cultivate a stronger sense of connection and purpose within the Knoxville community.

In Their Own Words..

I have always wanted to own my own business, but my passion for many things made it difficult for me to find direction. Now I know my purpose, which is to write, learn, serve, and connect through copywriting.
I have a freelance writing business. I offer copywriting services, content creation, social media strategy, blog posts, article writing, songwriting and more. If you see me around, please stop and introduce yourself! I love making new friends!


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