Adam Clark is #MadeForKnoxville.

For Adam, owning a business is an opportunity for community service.

When he started his career in the metal roofing industry, Adam opted to work for a corporation. After several years in this environment, he recognized the need to rearrange his priorities. Desiring to focus on people, rather than products, Adam started his own company along with business partners, Mason Burchette and Blake Gibson. While their tangible product is metal roofing, the central goal of their business is to serve customers with excellence. For Adam, servant leadership allows him to live a more purposeful life, where he can use business as a means to show respect and kindness to others. Whether interacting with homeowners, contractors, or True Metal Supply team members, Adam and his partners seek to make a positive impact on the people around them.

“As an entrepreneur I have the honor and responsibility to serve our team, customers, vendors, and local community.”

In Their Own Words…

True Metal Supply is a customer service company that specializes in manufacturing, consulting, and selling residential metal roofing. We believe that everyone should have access to industry leading service, information, and quality products to protect their home.

I began my career in the metal roofing industry in 2009. Metal roofing has evolved and transformed from an agricultural and commercial product to an increasingly popular residential option. The growing demand for residential metal roofing has revealed a huge need and opportunity for customer service focused companies. 

What led to entrepreneurship:

After working in a corporate role, I realized I had lost touch with what was most important: serving others. As an entrepreneur I have the honor and responsibility to serve our team, customers, vendors, and local community. 

I believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness; starting my own business has given me the freedom to treat others well and build a business model that creates purpose, joy, and satisfaction for our team and customers.

Lessons learned:

Making the choice to be positive and approach all circumstances with optimism, truth, and kindness is key to building lasting relationships. Always seek to put others in a better position than yourself and (most of the time) the results will be greater than any self-serving act.


A testimonial from Shannon Clark:

I got to know Adam and Mason through the metal roofing and post frame industry: closely watching Adam and Mason’s professional journeys through the lenses of LinkedIn and industry shows. From the beginning, it was obvious the duo was special not just to our industry, but to business in general. Then, in the fall of 2022, Adam, Mason and Blake started their entrepreneurial journey as business owners/partners with the beginning of True Metal Supply in Knoxville, TN. I continued to observe their marketing, business strategies, processes and customer service. It was obvious the team was built for leadership and service, but what else would I have expected from a company made from the acronym: “Trust. Respect. Uprightness. Excellence.”? This group really isn’t just in the metal roofing business — they’re in the people business, and they just happen to sell metal roofing.

In April of 2023, I joined the team as the Marketing Manager. From the team’s processes to how they treat customers and each other, lead meetings, go to market, set and work toward goals, evaluate opportunities, and more, this group really is special. And they are 100% #MadeforKnoxville

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